32 ways to make money in the audio niche

What collections of business, part-time jobs and freelance can be found in the music industry? A selection of ideas on how and where to implement your audio content and monetize vocal data.

If you are the type of person who has a good ear and/or good voice and diction, there are many doors open for you – both for making money and for business. There are many people and industries that need your talent and are willing to pay well for it.

In this top, we randomly combined different earning ideas that are suitable for people with a musical education, just music lovers or audio content creators. We hope that among them there is a direction that will help you monetize your creativity.

1. Conducting music classes online

The trend for online learning has not bypassed music lessons. On the one hand, videoconferencing classes have certain inconveniences due to the lack of live contact between the student and the teacher and technical problems and Internet connection failures. But on the other hand, they bring any teacher to the all-Russian and even the world market. You can recruit students by posting information about yourself on the Avito, Yula, profi.ru, hh.ru, Yandex.Services websites and other similar platforms. Thanks to the growing popularity of video conferencing services like Skype or Zoom, you can make money teaching your subject from anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet connection.

Unlike ordinary video lessons, there are some subtleties with such training, for example, when learning to play musical instruments. In particular, there is a need to periodically change the camera angle. After all, sometimes in offline classes, the teacher, in order to monitor the student’s game, needs to bypass him from the other side. As, for example, in the case of playing the piano. Therefore, in distance learning, it is often necessary to ask students to turn the camera around.

2. Selling audio content

To make money on the sale of audio content, no significant costs are required. All you need is a computer with a DAW, studio headphones, a simple external sound card, a microphone, and, of course, the desire to create. What exactly to create? There are three main directions:

  1. Beatmaking . You write beats of a certain style and sell them on well-known stores like beatmaker.tv, getbeat.ru, promote yourself with the help of social networks and targeting.
  2. State production . This is a new direction for the domestic market, the essence of which is the creation and sale of full-fledged songs with music, lyrics and vocals. Both private clients for congratulations, and vocalists and singers who do not know how / cannot / do not want to create something of their own can buy such audio content. Examples of song sales sites include EverySong, which sells domestic pop songs, and EDM Ghost production, which sells an overseas customer’s electronic dance music.
  3. Sampling and synthesizing is about creating libraries of unique sounds. The abundance of supply on the market is great, but in search of unusual sounds, some artists can make a thorough search. Samples and sounds are sold in stores such as Loopmaster and Splice.

The most popular sites for placing music on the network include such services as Yandex.Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music. The amount of your earnings on them will correspond to the number of track listens. The amounts are rather meager (from $0.0005 to $0.0056) per track, so they are not considered as a source of income. After all, in order for you to be able to earn at least amounts comparable to the Russian subsistence level, it is necessary that the track be listened to tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of times.

3. Creation of custom music/songs

If a musician himself creates music, then he can sell both texts, and music, and the entire composition to other performers. It is extremely difficult today to reach out directly to well-known performers without intermediaries, so for this there are recording studios and music agencies that offer artists the work of novice authors. This is done in various forms, for example, in the form of a periodic collection-mailing.

Earnings here cannot be stable and monthly – this is project work. Music may be required for a movie, series, TV show or commercial. For example, when working with TV shows, you can earn 30-100 thousand rubles per episode, compositions for advertising can cost 10-100 thousand rubles, and music in the top films can bring the composer up to 1 million rubles.

4. Selling music to entertainment venues

When selling music, pay attention to the niche of sound accompaniment for today’s popular entertainment venues, such as quest rooms , laser tags , imaginary reality quests , fear rooms, rage rooms and other similar things. It will be much easier to negotiate with such institutions than to reach out to famous artists or filmmakers, and they are available in almost every city. As a rule, the music here plays in the background and enhances the overall surroundings of the room, decor and scenario. The choice of theme will depend on this context, but usually in such tracks there is no place for vocals, or they are completely unobtrusive, because music should not distract from the essence of entertainment or game.

5. Renting a rehearsal space

Perhaps, in search of your own business, you should not focus on music, but look for related areas. Many musicians are familiar with the problem of finding the right rehearsal spot . If in your city many musical groups face the same trouble, then it makes sense to think about creating such a point and renting it out.

In addition to soundproofing, the key point in this business is the selection of equipment. You need a drum kit, good acoustics, microphones and mixing consoles, as well as several musical instruments, for example, two or three guitars and a bass. Of course, rehearsal venues are most in demand in large cities. Residents of small towns and settlements are used to doing everything on their own and trust garages and basements of friends more.

6. Music car tuning business

In most cars, music systems are installed according to the “if only there was” principle. Therefore, many car owners are seriously thinking about buying better “music”. In this regard, entrepreneurs offering car audio services always have their own client. The most popular and easiest option is to open your own retail car audio store, reselling products.

The next level is your own car audio studio, in the format of which you will not only sell radio tape recorders, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and other things, but also install and configure turnkey music. Of course, this business option can be called more useful and convenient for the client. Indeed, in this case, you do not need to fool yourself and buy the missing accessories. I arrived, paid for the cost of “music” and work, and a few hours later I left satisfied with the finished car.

As for investments, both options are approximately comparable in terms of investments. To start, you will need at least 1.2 million rubles. But the financial return, other things being equal, will be twice as high for a car audio studio. In this article , we compared these two business options in detail, as well as the third option – the organization of the wholesale trade in car audio.

7. Your own music blog

If you recently graduated from a music school, this does not mean that you need to follow the prescribed paths – go to the conservatory, then to the orchestra, and then teach music yourself at a music school. As in any other field, you can go beyond the templates, create and promote your own music-themed YouTube blog. The main thing is to find your niche. Someone focuses on the talk show format, someone goes on humor, someone includes elements of gamification in the video , someone makes interesting content, sorting out mistakes from the lives of famous musicians, and so on. The options here are only limited by your imagination.

8. Rent of musical devices

The first jukebox that allows you to play songs for money appeared in the city of San Francisco back in 1889. In those days, 1 song was valued at 50 cents. After 130 years, such devices not only did not disappear, but improved. Usually , music vending resembles a bank terminal with special software and a bill acceptor. By depositing money, you can order one of the songs loaded into memory and even perform it in karaoke. Moreover, such machines have both retro versions installed in establishments with a corresponding theme in spirit, as well as modern smart versions, where the choice of a song and payment for an order are made through a mobile application.

How to make money on music vending? There are three main options:

  • rent one square meter of space in any public institution or space , and keep all the proceeds for yourself;
  • rent the machine to the institution itself;
  • rent the machine for various events, such as weddings, children’s parties, shows and corporate parties.

The amount of income will largely depend on how well you attach the jukebox. You can read more about this type of earnings in this material .

9. Music therapy as income

There is such a profession as a music therapist. Specialists practicing in this field work at the intersection of psychology, medicine and music. Music therapists work with music, using it to alleviate the condition of people with health and developmental disabilities. In the process of providing services, music therapists can sing on their own, and use various musical compositions and instruments, depending on the specific task. Also in the classroom, work is done on proper breathing. The clients of music therapists can be just people with ordinary city stress and lack of sleep, neurological or psychiatric patients, children with cerebral palsy. So far, music therapy has not been developed so much in Russia, so you have the opportunity to join the ranks of the pioneers.

10. Mixed format karaoke bar

Compared to an ordinary bar , a karaoke bar is a more costly business (investments here start from 4-5 million rubles) and complex. And he requires not only the ability to count money, but also to root for his work. They even say that karaoke establishments are divided into two types: popular and always empty. Therefore, in order not to join the ranks of the latter and not immediately close, you need to treat this business with a soul and try to turn your institution into a cult one for your region.

Due to the coronavirus, karaoke bars have faced many difficulties. The work schedule turned out to be greatly curtailed, and in some places the work of bars was completely prohibited. However, this format of establishments will not completely disappear, just as the desire of people to sing and be heard will not disappear.

As for formats, today there are three types of karaoke bars. These are American-style bars with a common hall, a common stage and a microphone that is passed in turn. Oriental or Japanese format – when companies are divided into separate rooms (by the way, an excellent option due to Covid-19 and its restrictions). And the third option, perhaps the most profitable – is mixed, when the institution has both a common stage and separate VIP zones.

11. Video game character voice

Video game creators require not only original music tracks, but also voice acting. In contrast to the standard directions of voice acting (video clips or movies), there are some nuances here. Games are characterized by a non-linear plot, so the announcers need to quickly adapt to different time frames and emotional states of the hero. The story here does not flow smoothly, but in leaps and bounds. Actors often have to mentally picture other characters they are talking to that they can’t see. And they also need to be able to understand, understand their motivations and characters. You can find offers for game voiceovers on freelance sites and services where actors pay a subscription fee to gain access to exclusive auditions, such as on Voice123.

12. Own rock club

A rock club is definitely not an idea suitable for any entrepreneur. One of the conditions for the success of such a business is their own passion for rock, and the lifestyle that is typical for rock lovers. Usually rock clubs rely on the “tube”, underground atmosphere. As for the specifics, there are a lot of them here on any issue – on acoustics, on the choice of premises, on the very audience of visitors. We analyzed all these features in more detail in an article about opening rock clubs .

To start in this niche, you will need an amount of 4 million rubles, and the sources of profit will be the sale of tickets for concerts, the sale of bar products, as well as the rental of premises for rehearsals and holidays. Success depends on whether the place becomes a cult among the target audience, so you need to try to find your chip. When choosing a tax system, keep in mind that the previously popular form of UTII (single tax on imputed income) has been canceled since 2021.

13. Selling voice on marketplaces

Today, marketplaces have begun to occupy an increasing place in our lives , and it has become possible even to sell your own voice on them. Voice123 is the world’s most popular voiceover marketplace. The bottom line is that you register on the site, fill out a profile, and then you receive letters with offers for listening from customers.

The budget of projects can vary, but usually ranges from 0 to 500 euros, and you need to pay extra for access to the most exclusive customers. In some cases, payment is set individually. With the latter option (and this applies to the entire voice acting industry), always keep in mind the average prices for the market. Often, people seeking to gain a foothold in this industry heavily dump, and this does a disservice to all other announcers.

To get an order, you need to make sure that you meet all the wishes of the client, record a high-quality demo for the client and wait for news. Since the project is international, and there are enough people who want to make money on their voice, there are not very many chances that they will choose you. But if this still happens, you will definitely be sent a response letter with an invitation to participate in the project. Anyone can be a customer: a cosmetics manufacturer, a clothing brand, a bank or an IT startup.

To increase the chances of success when working with Voice123, you need to diligently approach filling out the profile. The demo can be made in different languages ​​(moreover, the Russian accent may turn out to be not a minus, but a plus), with different intonations, depicting the voice of an advertiser from TV, the voice of a sports commentator, a book reader, an answering machine or a voice assistant. Some users of the site do not hesitate to upload more than a dozen demos to the site.

14. Music streaming

Streaming is still more common among gamers, but live streaming for singers can also be an interesting income option for people associated with music. For example, you can try to broadcast live rehearsals and concerts. Broadcasts can be conducted on platforms such as Twitch, Youtube or Vkontakte, and earn money on donations from fans or on advertising.

A close in spirit direction to announcer’s business today is streaming . Moreover, here no one will tell you what to do and what to comment on. Being engaged in streaming, you are in free flight, and the amount of earnings is limited only by your capabilities, and not by the client’s budget. You can stream games by broadcasting and commenting on the passage of computer games, engage in entertainment content or maintain a personal video blog.

There are enough ways to monetize streams. These can be donations and sponsorship advertising, paid subscriptions and affiliate programs. Also using streams, you can also sell your own or other people’s goods. One of the most popular streaming platforms in the world is Twitch, where you can find out about the features of earning money here.

15. Freelancing in the Transcription Niche

Transcribers are people who professionally translate audio and video into text. Therefore, if you have a good ear, you can try yourself in this matter. On average, you can earn about 600 rubles per hour recording. These are rates for ordinary performers. Professionals during the same time can earn 3000 rubles. The catch is that the transcription itself takes about three times as long as the duration of the audio recording itself. That is, this means that you will earn 600 rubles not in an hour, but in three hours. To speed up transcription, you can use free programs like Express Scribe, Speechpad and LossPlay, you also need to get good headphones and speakers.

You can look for such a part-time job on freelance exchanges – Fl.ru, Freelance.ru, Work-zilla.com, Weblancer.net, or by leaving a resume as an audio transcriber and typesetter on sites like Kwork.ru, Hh.ru or Avito. Also, quite often, transcription tasks are published by the Yandex.Toloka service (you can read about ways to make money on this resource here ).

16. Own music school

If you have the talent of an organizer, intermediary and salesman, you can try to organize your own music school . You can start moving in this direction by working on an agency scheme, connecting students with teachers and receiving remuneration for their services. This direction will not require you to make serious investments. But the opening of a stationary school is another matter. Here you will need to find a large room that can be divided into classes, arrange them appropriately, hire an administrator, develop a website, and, of course, hire adequate teachers.

The advantages of the school include the ability to plan income. Class fees are usually fixed, so you understand exactly how much you will receive per month with a certain number of students. The downside is seasonality. In the summer, most students go on vacation, there is a dip in the number of customers.

17. Make money with vote banks

You can sell your vote through the so-called vote banks. On such services, customers listen to demo examples of audio recordings of voices and contact their owners. Typically, voices are assigned characteristics such as “low”, “high”, “baritone”, “universal”, “childish”, “positive” and so on. Prices for voice acting are already discussed directly with the announcers and studios themselves. Examples of voice banks include such sites as Radiogolos.ru, Dictoronline.ru, Audio-reclama.ru.

18. Record podcasts

In 2020, the Russian podcast audience has grown six times, and many well-known brands have their own podcasts. To organize your podcast, in addition to knowing what exactly you will be broadcasting, you also need technology. These are microphones, stands, sound processing programs, sometimes sound cards are needed. Secondly, we need advertising – social networks, collaborations with other presenters, mutual PR with bloggers, and so on. You can earn money in three main ways: by charging money for a subscription, collecting donations, or inserting advertising content into issues. Unfortunately, judging by the interviews of most podcasters, the word “business” cannot yet be accurately called this direction in terms of income. Usually it’s more of a job or part-time job.

19. Holding events and corporate parties

It may seem surprising, but the main income of popular musicians is formed not through concert activities, but through participation in corporate parties and private events. The more popular the performer, the more expensive the prices. Singers with a name on only one holiday earn amounts from one million rubles. During the New Year holidays, the price increases by another 20-40%.

As for the beginner singers, the audience at first will require them to perform not their own songs, but other people’s hits. Actually, who pays, he orders the music. Starting prices for a singer for a corporate party are 5-10 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg and Moscow – the amounts increase to 50-100 thousand rubles. You can earn more if you combine the duties of a musician with the duties of an event host.

20. Audio stocks as a means of earning

Just like photography lovers can earn on photo stocks , so the creators of music tracks and samples can upload their work to audio stocks. Well-known audio stocks include AudioJungle, Pond5, ezMediArt.

The first thing to do when getting acquainted with stocks is to listen to top songs and understand what is most often sold now. The disadvantage of any stocks is that it is impossible to plan your income here, and any work can shoot after a couple of months or six months. Therefore, new content needs to be loaded and, preferably, loaded regularly. The more fresh content you have, the more likely it is to sell and get into the top. Therefore, performance plays a decisive role when working with audio stocks. Recording one melody for several days in the case of audio stocks simply does not make sense.

Of course, full-fledged tracks cost several times more than individual sounds. The greatest demand is for sounds and melodies for advertising, cartoons and movies, video games and applications. But music with vocals is usually not required for stock users. As a rule, they need background tracks to which their own voice acting is added. The share of the author’s earnings depends on the originality of the content. If a given track or sample is sold only on a given stock, then the share of the author can reach up to 70-80%.

21. Home studio

To implement many of the ideas presented above, you do not need to rent recording studios , or hire sound engineers or any other specialists. At least at the very beginning of the journey, investing in expensive equipment is definitely not worth it. To create a home studio you will need:

  1. Work area. Large space is not required here, it is quite enough to allocate a small corner of the room. So that the sound does not reflect from the walls and planes, you can become like a studio and cover them with soft materials that will absorb the sound wave. You can find advice on this on the net. For example, someone uses egg boxes for soundproofing, and someone simply hangs blankets around the perimeter. You also need to try to make sure that other residents of your apartment or house, as well as pets, do not approach this corner during work.
  2. Stationary computer or laptop. Of course, today you can work from a tablet or smartphone, but the first two options are more desirable.
  3. Microphone . In some cases, they can be suitable as budget amateur options, but it is desirable, of course, to use professional ones.
  4. Voice recording and processing software . Here, too, the choice is yours. Today there is no shortage of such programs, and there are also excellent free options. To understand how audio editing and recording is done, you can start with the free Audacity program.

And, of course, you need the most important thing – a well-trained voice. You may think that you do not have it and will not appear, but here, as in any other business, constant training is important. Today there are a lot of courses in announcer’s skills, oratory, acting, vocals. Moreover, the program can be divided into packages: work on presentation, intonation, and so on.

With a sincere desire to learn, a lot of materials and videos can be found in the public domain for free. However, remember that self-teaching will not give you feedback, and you will not receive important instructions that you would receive when working with a teacher.

22. Guitar repair

The guitar has been and remains one of the most popular musical instruments on the planet, so guitar repair and restoration services will always be in demand. This type of business does not grow, as they say, from scratch and from scratch. Its founders are usually people who are directly related to this musical instrument and have played many guitars and / or electric guitars in their lives.

The list of services, as a rule, includes the replacement of strings, cleaning services, instrument adjustment and refinement, fret grinding, work with electronics, installation of pickups, and so on. The cost depends on the specific service and can vary from several hundred to several thousand rubles.

A separate and more highly paid service is the repair and customization of guitars, where the price always depends on a specific request. It often happens that only one or two masters are engaged in the restoration of guitars in the city, or no one does it at all, so there is little competition in this area. Another direction that comes with experience is independent production and assembly of guitars . The customers of handmade guitars are people who want to get the perfect instrument for themselves.

23. Audiobook dubbing

The pace of life of a modern person and the abundance of visual information sometimes put so much pressure on the psyche that they completely delete good and useful things from life. For example, a passion for reading books. Partly as a result of this, the demand for audiobooks has increased. How and where can you make money on voice acting books?

One of the ways is offered by the popular Russian service of electronic and audio books “Litres”. The site is called “Litres: a reader”. At the time of this writing, there are about 900 active readers in the database. It proposes to voice previously unvoiced books, for which you need to register on the service and leave your data. The questionnaire requires you to indicate your age, voice acting experience, preferences for the genres of books that you would like to voice, as well as the number of hours that you are willing to allocate per week for voice acting. After filling in these data, you will receive a test task, where you will be asked to voice 3 fragments of text, and if the application is approved, you will be able to start voicing books of your choice.

The level of earnings on Litres: the reader depends on the number of sales of the book with your voice acting. You will receive 10% of the sale, but you can raise your bid up to 15% if you increase your announcer rating. The rating, in turn, depends on the number of books sold with your voice acting, the overall rating of the book and user reviews. You will be able to receive the first payments when you reach 1 thousand rubles on the Litres internal account. You can receive money on a bank card.

Also, voice-over tasks for books can also be found on freelance exchanges (more on them later). Works can be paid both for a separate project and page by page, for example, 20-30 rubles per page.

24. Musical excursions and audio guides

In some large Russian cities, a new genre of walking tours has appeared – musical ones. On music tours en route, participants are not encouraged to listen to a tour guide or e-guide. When you put on headphones, you only listen to melodies or songs related to the route in any way. After all, each street or location sounds somehow different, and with the help of music, you can most fully reveal what cannot be expressed in words. Such a business idea is especially suitable for those who walk around the city with music in their headphones and sometimes get goosebumps when some motives coincide with images from the outside world.

When planning your excursion, you can try to build on what is already there. For example, visit existing musical excursions, read people’s reviews. And having understood what these excursions lack, develop your own unique project. You can either write tracks yourself, or use someone else’s creativity. You can limit yourself to just background melodies, or you can add voice acting at some points or give the listeners some explanations or instructions. What route will be, what people should see on it, what they should feel – all this you have to decide in your creative search. In any case, you should invite only friends and acquaintances for your first test walks. And listen with understanding to any criticism and comments.

Also popular today are audio guides – recordings, programs or applications in which the tour is recorded in audio format. Audio tours have long been used in museums and museum complexes, art galleries, exhibitions, and so on. But now, thanks to the development of mobile applications and the ability to track location on a map, they have also begun to be used in a street format. High-quality voice acting is required here – excursions, as a rule, abound with names and surnames, dates, terms, outdated words. Therefore, literacy and maximum clarity of pronunciation are required from the speaker.

25. Commentary on sports events

Another type of activity for people with good voice data is the voice acting of sports competitions, that is, nothing more than commentary. To become a sports commentator, you can take courses on Skillbox. The cost of training will be 110 thousand rubles at the time of writing. Moreover, in addition to the main areas, this course contains additional courses on streaming , podcast recording, commentary in eSports, and so on. You can also look for other sports journalism schools. Training can last from several months to one and a half years.

Sports commentators are a rather specific, but profitable activity, especially when it comes to sports such as football. Even star-struck commentators who commentate on minor football matches in the lower leagues can earn about 100-200 thousand a month. Another thing is that just “scratching your tongue” and voicing only what is happening on the field is not enough here. A huge portion of the time here is occupied by preparatory work with the study of teams, biographies of athletes and other information that will be useful to listeners on the air.

26. Voice of movies and animated series

If you take training courses on the correct voice setting and develop your own unique reading style, we can try your hand at voice acting for movies and cartoons.

For starters, we are not talking about recording studios with sound engineers for rent, it is worth trying your hand at destinations at no cost at all. The first orders can be sought on freelance exchanges, or by publishing a portfolio in the so-called vote banks. The cost of voice acting on freelance sites usually varies from 200-300 rubles per hour for beginners and up to 500-1000 rubles for people with experience. Among the specialized services and voice banks are such portals as Radiozvuk.com, Radiogolos.ru, Audio-reclama.ru, Dictoronline.ru.

Voice acting for movies or animated series is usually paid per minute, for example, at a rate of 20-25 rubles per minute. That is, for a 20-minute video, you can earn 400-500 rubles. Naturally, we are talking about ordinary tasks for small customers, and not about popular TV shows and cartoons. There fees can reach tens of thousands of dollars per episode. For example, the voice of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons, Yeardley Smith, receives $300,000 for each episode.

Video dubbing work can be both one-time, when voices are searched for a specific task, or permanent. Sometimes large studios need a permanent voice actor. The monthly earnings of such specialists can be 50-80 thousand rubles. Jobs can be searched on job search sites such as Rabota.ru or hh.ru.

If you are at the very beginning of the journey, try to find ways to make money on anime voice acting using search engines. Many young studios and enthusiasts from fans of this genre try their hand and look for voices that are ready to work for the first time either “for an idea” or for a minimal fee. In video dubbing, an announcer, especially one who dubs films and cartoons, will greatly benefit from the skills of imitation and imitation of the voice, as well as the experience of dubbing with several voices.

27. Freelance voice acting

A large number of customers place voice-over tasks on freelance exchanges. These orders may relate to completely different areas of activity. Some organizations need to voice educational materials, others need video games, others need commercial voiceovers for videos, fourth need the voice of an electronic operator for customer support, a fifth need localization of a mobile application, and so on. For example, it is often required to voice all kinds of presentations that are used in advertising, at various exhibitions, conferences, festivals, rallies, conferences and master classes. As a rule, voice-over of presentations is not the hardest work, because sometimes it is enough to voice only a few minutes of video or text in a pleasant voice.

To search for orders, you can use such exchanges as Fl.ru, Pchel.net, Freelance.ru, Weblancer.net, Freelancehunt.com and the like. On these sites, you can find both small orders with a reward of 1-2 thousand rubles per task, as well as large tasks with payment of 20-30 thousand rubles or more. According to the prices, we can conclude that for beginners the average cost of work will be 200-300 rubles per hour, for more experienced speakers – 600-1000 rubles per hour. Some services like Kwork.ru allow you to post information about the services you offer.

28. Voice of top foreign bloggers

Another option to make money on your voice is to translate top foreign bloggers. The content of many of them would certainly be of interest to Russian-speaking users, it remains only to translate them. It’s good if you yourself know foreign languages, but if not, it doesn’t matter, you can find an interpreter among your acquaintances and friends.

As for the subject of translation itself, it is not necessary to look for the right blogger only among English-language channels, you can also look for “something more difficult”. The main thing is that the character was interesting and evoked a lively response. If the content is regular and good, then the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel will constantly increase and over time you will be able to earn both from views and from advertisers.

One of the main disadvantages in this direction is the ability to literally lose your channel as a project at the click of a finger. If one of the bloggers you translate suddenly complains about copyright infringement, then you will get a strike. At the same time, even after seeing your blog, the author himself does not necessarily want to block it. On the contrary, he can see in it a plus to his popularity, because thanks to your translation, he will have fans from other countries.

29. Live music in restaurants

The performance of other people’s works in restaurants may seem to someone to be an unworthy activity, but you can earn good money and even earn money on this. For 2 hours of work, you can earn an average of 1.5-2 thousand rubles. When Grigory Leps started with performances in restaurants, receiving 100 rubles per evening for the same money.

30. Hosting battles/reality shows

One of the trends in the music world is the holding of all kinds of battles in unusual areas of activity. For example, rap battles appeared in the rap direction (one of the most popular projects is called Versus). Perhaps some battle ideas are possible in your field of activity. In any case, all kinds of reality show formats are unlikely to ever run out of steam.

31. Participation in music competitions

Well, if you are too lazy to invent something yourself, you can profitably participate in what someone else has invented. If you do not yet have a wide audience, then in order to make yourself known, you can participate in any music competitions. In the most promoted of them, for example, where there is an eminent jury (as in the show “Voice”), in order to attract attention, you don’t even need to win.

32. Voice over educational content

Due to the growth of distance education, the emergence of all kinds of online schools , educational applications and projects, the demand for voice acting of educational materials has increased. You can find vacancies with voice acting for textbooks and video lectures on job search sites and freelance exchanges, or try to search for customers on your own who may be interested in such a service, at least in the future.

For example, you can pay attention to the creators of paid video tutorials. Their handicraft voice acting sometimes sounds terrible, but they might not even think about attracting an announcer with a trained voice, thinking that it is either too expensive, inaccessible, or “so it will do.” Moreover, it is not necessary to look in the field of traditional education, the creators of such content can be found among the creators of instructions, manuals and video tutorials on cooking, needlework, psychology, assembly and installation of any structures and units, etc. Everyone today is teaching someone something, and if you take a good look around, you will definitely find potential customers.

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