Business-related to children: 17 profitable business ideas

A business for children is an ideal option for aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as a great business for women. Minimum investment, state. support and quick payback – this is an incomplete list of the advantages of this industry

Business for children is a stable and profitable business that survives in times of crisis and high competition. Why choose this direction? Firstly, you can start your own business even with minimal capital and entrepreneurial experience. The main thing is to enter the market with a quality offer and make yourself known. Secondly, many types of children’s business fall into the category of socially significant ones, and, therefore, an entrepreneur can count on state support. Thirdly, business for children is an interesting direction that requires a creative approach. Fourth, you have many options – choose according to your abilities, interests and budget. If you make the right choice and make every effort, you will succeed in this matter.

1. Organization of children’s parties

Investments: from 20 thousand rubles

The idea of ​​such a business for children, although not new, is still relevant. The demand for organizing children’s parties is constantly growing. There are many reasons: birthdays, New Year, events in kindergarten, etc. The advantages of this business are minimal initial investment and creative work. If you are a creative person, then you can professionally organize children’s parties. In addition to a good imagination, you must have organizational skills, because a lot of little things need to be foreseen in the preparation of the holiday. You will also need to be aware of the children’s interests and hobbies in order to plan the program.

The responsibilities of the organizer include:

  • preparation of the scenario of the holiday and its coordination with parents;
  • preparation for the holiday;
  • decoration of the premises;
  • providing props that are required by the scenario.

This business is based on the personal qualities of the entrepreneur. The costs involved are relatively small. The minimum capital will be 20 thousand rubles and will be spent on registering a business, printing business cards and advertising.

Your potential customers are children and their parents who are planning holidays. To reach your target audience, distribute promotional brochures in mailboxes or on elevator bulletin boards. Pay special attention to new buildings, where young families with children mostly live. Another way to promote is to host a free kids party to showcase your services. You can arrange an event at the mall. You will provide your services for free, and in return you will receive a powerful advertising company. Also, do not forget to take colorful photos of your holidays to form a portfolio. Create an account on social media to post photos of completed projects there and promote services via the Internet.

2. Inflatable trampolines

Investments: 200 thousand rubles

The business for children on inflatable attractions is good because it is mobile and does not require large investments. It is simple to organize it: register an individual entrepreneur, buy a trampoline and start earning. Starting investments can pay off within 1-2 months, but only if the location is good. Therefore, the choice of a place for a trampoline is the most important issue. It is best to place a trampoline in city parks, on the territory of entertainment complexes, embankments, etc. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is not so easy to find a free place – usually the most profitable places are occupied, and not everyone can get there.

The second most important issue is the purchase of the trampoline itself. Experienced entrepreneurs advise choosing Russian-made equipment. Buy trampolines that have a standard weight of at least 650gsm. m – this is how much the rubber fabric and “quality assurance” weigh. The cost of equipment depends on its volume and complexity. For example, a regular slide will cost less than an inflatable maze. The average price of a trampoline is 170 thousand rubles.

The monthly revenue of this business for children is about 100 thousand rubles. This means that in two months you will reach a net profit.

Trampolines are considered a seasonal business. Indeed, outdoor work is only possible during the warmer months. Trampolines usually appear in parks at the end of April and wind down their activities at the end of September. But thanks to the mobility of the equipment, you can earn on trampolines all year round. To do this, you need to agree on the lease of space: shopping and entertainment complexes, children’s centers are suitable. You can read more about starting a business on inflatable trampolines here .

3. Organization of photo shoots for children

Investments: from 0 rub.

The services of a children’s photographer are always in demand. But learning to photograph children is not easy. These are the most capricious clients. Children are constantly on the move, they lack perseverance, so the photographer must have professional skills and understand child psychology. You also need to have good equipment. Starting from scratch in such a business will not work. Therefore, the idea is suitable for those who are already involved in photography.

You can conduct individual photo sessions, shoot entire groups in kindergartens and schools, arrange themed and costume shoots, work with commercial projects and at children’s events.

To promote the business, interaction with kindergarten employees (heads, educators) will not interfere. It is they who organize photo shoots in kindergarten and inform parents. Also use social media to promote your services. There you can place a portfolio and carry out various promotions aimed at attracting customers. For one photo session, you will be able to earn 3 – 4 thousand rubles.

4. Tourism for children

Investments: from 0 rub.

Now there is a shortage of children’s camps, tourist routes for different age groups and organizations that would organize children’s trips, recreational trips. Therefore, it is beneficial to develop in this direction.

Idea: to create an organization that specializes in children’s tourism.

There are several main areas of children’s tourism :

  • opening of children’s sanatoriums and boarding houses;
  • creation of children’s and youth sports bases;
  • organization of expeditions to places of historical and archaeological interest;
  • conducting museum and local history excursions;
  • organization of tourist trips – one-day and multi-day.

It’s a big responsibility, but you can start small. For example, offer cooperation to sports clubs where children participate. Develop interesting hiking routes to local attractions. It is difficult to evaluate an idea in terms of money. Each of the directions requires different investments and, accordingly, brings different income.

5. School of the young scientist

Investments: 400-500 thousand rubles

The entertainment industry has always been the most profitable and win-win business option. Adding to this the definition of “children’s” – and the business will become even more profitable.

Nowadays, parents try to invest as much as possible in the education and development of their children. Therefore, intellectual entertainment is preferred to ordinary entertainment. One of these options is the school of a young scientist. A way in which children are presented with educational material in a playful way. The advantage of this idea is the possibility of obtaining subsidies and other state support.

In the children’s laboratory, you can demonstrate spectacular physical and chemical experiments. This will require a small room, various instruments for experiments and a suit.

Your main audience is children from 6 to 14 years old and teenagers. Keep in mind that the program for different age groups should be different. Do not forget to update the program periodically to attract regular customers and ensure yourself a good income. The average profit for this niche is 150 thousand rubles per month. Thus, the initial investment will pay off within 3 – 6 months. It is also possible to organize scientific shows with a field trip – you can read more about this field trip here .

6. Children’s hairdresser

Investments: 300 thousand rublesIt is rare to find a salon focused on children. Usually the child is cut in adult barbershops. For some reason, it is believed that this is enough, and children’s salons are stupidity and whim. In fact, parents would be happy to take their child to a special salon. This will be confirmed by anyone who has observed a child’s tantrum in a hairdresser’s. The child may be afraid of sharp objects, bright lights, buzzing cars. Many children do not have the patience to sit through the entire procedure – and they begin to act up.

In the children’s salon, everything is adapted for small clients. Master who knows how to work with children. Special design in the salon, game form of the procedure.

It will take about 300 thousand rubles to open a children’s hairdresser. The return on initial investment will take 6-12 months with an average monthly profit of 50 thousand rubles. Profits are influenced by the professionalism of the craftsmen and the location. It is advisable to choose a shopping mall with high attendance – premises near children’s shops and playrooms are perfect. Required area – 30 sq. m. This is enough to accommodate 6 jobs. The cost of rent will cost about 50 thousand rubles. It is important to coordinate the design with the administration of the shopping center, since the children’s hairdresser should attract attention and interest children, but not violate the general style of the shopping center.

7. Catching magnetic fish in the pool

Investments: 10 thousand rubles

If you do not yet have a large amount for business, you can start with one banal but entertaining attraction. Set up an inflatable pool, fill it with water and release the plastic fish. Arrange fishing with magnetic rods. Average fishing time is 5-7 minutes. You can even arrange competitions. You can charge 50 rubles for the service.

8. Children’s sand painting studio

Investments: 300 thousand rubles

The main advantages of this idea are the high demand for additional education services for children and a new direction in business, which ensures a low level of competition. The sand painting studio provides additional education services for children, aimed at artistic and aesthetic development. At its core, the drawing studio combines educational, cultural and recreational areas.

The location is not so important for the studio. With the same success, it can be located in a shopping and entertainment complex, in the city center or in a residential area. The best option is to be located near kindergartens and schools where your target audience is present. The main thing is that the chosen room meets all the requirements. It is necessary to pay attention to the sanitary condition, lighting, the availability of a bathroom and other technical characteristics.

To accommodate a sand painting studio, 30 square meters will be enough. m. This area will house two classrooms for different age groups and technical rooms. The cost of renting such a room will be approximately 20 thousand rubles. And the total opening of a small studio will cost 300 thousand rubles. Sand painting studio business plan can be found here .

9. Wallpaper coloring for kids

Investments: 100-500 thousand rubles

All children love to draw on the walls and color pictures. Entrepreneurs decided to combine one with the other and launched the sale of ordinary rolled wallpaper, on which the contours of the drawings are applied.

There are two options for such a business – either sell such wallpapers by purchasing them from the manufacturer, or print them yourself. The production of wallpaper-coloring books will cost from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. If you buy ready-made products, then investments will amount to 100 thousand rubles. For starters, you can purchase a minimum amount of products, and sell it via the Internet. A business can pay off in 6-12 months, depending on the chosen format.

10. School preparation business

Investments: 150 thousand rubles

School for a child is an important stage of development. But not all parents have the opportunity to work with a child. The solution to this problem is the centers for preparing children for school. To open the center, you need to find a suitable room with an area of ​​​​approximately 30 square meters. m. This is enough for two classrooms. They need to be equipped with furniture and everything necessary. To rent for the premises, which will be about 25 thousand rubles, will be added to the cost of furniture. In total, about 150 thousand rubles will have to be spent on opening the center. But if you do not have investments, you can start a business on your own in the tutoring format.

The most important stage is the search for good teachers. Before they begin to give lessons, they must develop training programs. The next step is advertising. You should invest in advertising in the first stage to notify everyone about the opening, and to interest people even before the opening. Later, word of mouth will begin to work. To hope for it, it is necessary to provide high quality of services.

11. Private kindergarten

Investments: from 800 thousand rubles

In recent years, the system of private preschool education has been actively developing. There are not enough places in ordinary kindergartens, many parents immediately send their children to private institutions. Therefore, it is important to open your own private kindergarten. This is a promising direction with a stable income and social significance.

But before you seriously implement the idea, you need to calculate how much it will cost. It is impossible to give exact figures, since investments in this business have a clear minimum and an indefinite maximum. The minimum amount is about 800 thousand rubles. This money will be spent on the repair and equipment of the premises, an advertising campaign, paperwork, etc.

For a small private garden, a room of approximately 100 square meters will be required. m. Renting such an area will cost about 80 thousand rubles. per month. You can ask the municipality for help. In some regions, there are programs for preferential rental of municipal premises for representatives of the private sector of preschool education or social entrepreneurship.

It is important to study in advance all the requirements that apply to the premises of the kindergarten. All standards are prescribed in SanPin and fire safety rules. The requirements are pretty strict. If the premises do not meet at least one requirement, then permission is unlikely to be given to you. Also keep in mind that there are nuances when registering a private kindergarten. You can read more about this in this article.

Another difficulty that an entrepreneur may face is the search for qualified personnel. Therefore, it is worth starting the selection of employees at the stage of business planning. It is imperative that they have a pedagogical or psychological education.

When opening a private kindergarten, you need to be prepared for the fact that investments will pay off for a long time – 1-1.5 years. The project will be profitable if you get the right number of children in the groups. Therefore, at the planning stage, calculate how much profit per month a private garden will bring. Keep in mind that the average cost of attending a private kindergarten for one child is 10,000 rubles per month.

12. Parking for prams in an apartment building

Investments: 50-100 thousand rubles

In modern high-rise buildings, where there are narrow elevators, flights of stairs and corridors, residents have a problem: where to store baby strollers. Raising and lowering the stroller to the upper floors every time is a difficult task, especially for mothers who walk with a child alone. Leaving the stroller on the first floor is also inconvenient. The solution is secure parking for prams. It can be opened on the ground floor of a residential building.

Parking does not require special equipment and costs. You just need to rent a room, number and delimit the territory. To save on a security guard, you can equip the parking lot with CCTV cameras and an electronic lock, the keys to which will only be held by tenants. But then the initial investment will increase. You can meet 100 thousand rubles.

How much can you earn on this? The cost of renting a parking space is 500 – 1000 rubles per month. Monthly maintenance costs will be minimal. This means that most of the income will remain with the entrepreneur. The amount of earnings depends on the number of clients. Therefore, study the demand for this service in the house where you plan to place parking. Firstly, not every family can allocate 500 – 1000 rubles for renting a place. Secondly, in an apartment building, your target audience may not be among the residents.

The biggest challenge in this business is finding the right price for the service. The price should be such that you remain in the black, but at the same time, the cost of rent does not hit the customer’s wallet too much.

13. Rental of children’s electric cars

Investments: from 200 thousand rubles

The business idea is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs with a minimal budget. Opening a car rental for children is very simple. It is an easy to manage and profitable business. The service is popular with children of primary school and preschool age. So even with a low rental price, you can make good money. Keep in mind that baby car rental is a seasonal business, so locate in a crowded area such as a park to recoup your initial investment.

To start, you need about 200 thousand rubles. Of course, you can meet a smaller amount, but you will earn much less. If the fleet is not enough for everyone, no one will stand in line for a typewriter. Gather a fleet of cars for different ages. For the little ones – funny, with cartoon characters; for older children – toy copies of adult cars. Also, children are very fond of automatic horses. For additional income, you can add the rental of scooters and hoverboards. The monthly profit of car rental for children will be about 70 – 120 thousand rubles. You can recoup the initial investment in 2-3 months.

In the winter season, you can run the rental of sleds and ice-boats. Another option to make the business year-round is to open a rental store in a large shopping center. So you solve two problems at once: with seasonality and inventory storage. If you still open a rental on the street, then you will need a storage room for cars. To do this, you will have to rent a garage near the rental. The cost of rent will cost an average of 5 thousand rubles a month.

One of the main issues that will have to be addressed is the purchase of children’s cars. The market leaders are American manufacturers who guarantee high quality, and, alas, high prices. To open a business with minimal investment, this option is not suitable. Therefore, you will have to purchase from Chinese suppliers. Before making a decision, carefully read the suppliers’ websites, make sure that there are certificates and warranties for the goods, read the reviews. Be sure to check the terms of delivery.

To conduct such a business, two people who will work in shifts are enough. Take on the responsibilities of one worker to save on startup. How to promote rental services? Offer a promotion (for example, the second race as a gift), give balloons to small customers, or simply sell them in parallel. Bright balls are visible from afar and will attract additional attention. You can read more about the opening of children’s car rental here .

13. Speech therapy studio for children

Investments: from 300 thousand rubles

Services in the field of child development are always in demand. One of these services is a speech therapy studio. Speech development is an actual area of ​​study with children of preschool and primary school age. Therefore, there will always be clients of a speech therapy studio. Your main task is to maintain a high quality of services. We need good specialists, namely speech pathologists-defectologists. So it is recommended to start your business with the search for specialists. In parallel with this, you will be engaged in paperwork and selection of a place.

There is one nuance in the design of permits: you must immediately decide in which direction to work. If the studio will provide educational services or provide consultations with a neurologist, then licenses from the Ministry of Education and for the services of a specialist doctor will be required. If the studio will be engaged in childcare or work in the format of a children’s club, then you can do without licenses, and the registration procedure will remain standard.

With the choice of premises, things are easier. The requirements for the studio premises are standard: compliance with all SanPin and fire inspection standards; finishing the room with materials that can be wet cleaned. For a speech therapy studio, an area of ​​\u200b\u200b30 square meters is enough. m. – this territory will freely fit two classrooms, a waiting room and a sanitary room. You should look for a room in a central or residential area, where customers can easily get to. You can rent a room in the kindergarten building or nearby.

You will have to pay about 20 – 25 thousand rubles per month for rent. In addition, the room must be equipped with furniture and everything necessary. The total initial investment will be approximately 300 thousand rubles. Employee salaries will be added to the initial expenses. This is minus 50 thousand rubles from the proceeds. A reasonable question arises – how much can you earn? A children’s speech therapy studio in a large city brings in 100 – 120 thousand rubles a month. If we take into account all expenses, then the net profit will remain about 40 – 60 thousand rubles. In this case, the initial investment will pay off in 6 – 12 months.

To attract customers, it is necessary to consider advertising a speech therapy studio. Distribution of leaflets, advertising in elevators and on bulletin boards in places where the target audience is concentrated, selling subscriptions at competitive prices, posting ads in city groups and forums will help with this.

14. Children’s quests

Investments: 50-500 thousand rubles

The business of conducting children’s quests is an idea in a market with growing demand. In the past few years, this type of entertainment has gained a huge audience. And if even adults enthusiastically solve puzzles, then why not make quests for children?

Children’s quest is a dynamic game of logic. Players are supposed to solve problems and puzzles within a certain theme. In the process of completing the quest, children make mental efforts, learn interesting facts, learn to work in a team and make decisions. Target audience – children from 6 to 14 years old.

The children’s quest has several forms:

  • animation show;
  • science show;  
  • interactive quiz;
  • exit or local questroom.

Depending on the age, the format of the quests will be different. For example, an animated show is suitable for the smallest, and children from 10 years old are already allowed in quest rooms. The amount of initial investments also depends on the format. The cheapest option is to organize an exit quest. The most expensive one is to equip a full-fledged quest room. The main costs of the project are related to writing the quest script and purchasing the necessary props. To start a business, investments of at least 50 thousand rubles will be required.

At the initial stage of opening, it is important to consider several recommendations. This will save you a lot:

  • Decide on scenarios. Choose from multiple scenarios targeting different ages. Choose a room if the script suggests it;
  • Appreciate the ability to create inventory yourself. Props cost a lot, so at the first stage it is worth limiting yourself to buying machinery and equipment for animation effects. And the rest you can try to do it yourself;
  • Hosts and animators to hire on an hourly basis. At the start, it will be difficult to estimate the volume of orders, and demand will be inconsistent. Therefore, it is more rational to attract employees for specific orders than to keep the staff;
  • Costumes for quest participants can be rented ;
  • it is better to start with field quests to work on holidays. Having earned some money, you can open a full-fledged quest room.
  • Start promotion even before the opening of the project. So you will attract attention in advance. Try to walk through kindergartens and schools, leave promotional material. Get your social account. networks through which you will distribute information. Distribute discount coupons for the first order among the target audience.

The cost of one quest will be about 5 thousand rubles. You can earn about 100 thousand rubles a month. The payback period for quests is 3-4 months.

15. Children’s cafe

Investments: 600 thousand rubles

The market has a huge number of catering establishments for every taste. But not all of them are suitable for visiting with children. But in vain. The children’s institution will be in demand on weekends, when parents walk with their children; during vacations, on holidays, as well as for birthday parties.

The concept of a children’s cafe will be reflected in the design, menu and entertainment services. But the opening process is no different from an ordinary adult cafe. You will also have to collect an impressive package of permits, comply with all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, etc. You can read about the nuances of opening a catering establishment in this article .

And we will talk about the distinctive feature of the children’s cafe – entertainment services. You can arrange a playground in a cafe or draw up a program of children’s events: culinary master classes, soap bubble shows or the work of children’s animators. Here everything is at the discretion of the owner.

You can hire employees or attract animators from outside. Also pay special attention to the development of the menu. The peculiarity of the dishes in the children’s cafe is the benefit, an interesting presentation. There will be enough 20 items on the menu, which will include both main courses and desserts.

For a children’s cafe, a room of approximately 70 square meters will be required. m., of which 45 sq. m. will be allocated to the hall, and the rest to the kitchen and technical rooms. Experienced restaurateurs are advised to choose the premises in which the catering establishment was previously located. Thanks to this, you will be able to save a lot on redevelopment, repairs, equipment, as well as obtaining permits.

The very location of the cafe can be different: the city center, the sleeping area, and the square in the shopping center are suitable. The average cost of rent will be 90 thousand rubles per month. But the biggest piece of your budget will be eaten by the renovation (decoration) of the premises and the purchase of furniture. In total, about 600 thousand rubles will be required to open a children’s cafe. Monthly expenses will amount to about 350 thousand rubles. This will include the cost of rent, staff salaries, the purchase of ingredients and the payment of taxes.

The average revenue of the children’s cafe will be 500 thousand rubles. Of course, it will not be possible to reach such a volume immediately. For the first two months, you will have to work in your name, actively advertise, attract visitors with profitable promotions and events. But soon your efforts will give corresponding results. To recoup the initial investment, you will need about six months.

16. Rental of radio-controlled toys

Investments: 10 thousand rubles

A business inspired by radio-controlled flying fish: Recently, unique toys appeared in American TV stores – large fish on the remote control, which made a splash. In the first day alone, 45,000 copies were sold.

The essence of the toy is quite simple: fins with an electric motor are attached to an inflatable ball in the form of a fish – thanks to it, the fish moves. This produces the “wow effect”. While the product is new, you can earn on the idea. Buying such fish is very simple: in Russian online stores they cost about 2,000 rubles, and in foreign ones – about 1,000 rubles, excluding delivery. Yes, and on Chinese sites like Aliexpress, such fish have already appeared.

The idea of ​​the business is to rent such toys. The territory of the shopping center reserved for the children’s play area is best suited for this. Such a toy will attract the attention of not only children, but also adults. So there is no need for advertising.

You only have to rent a rack – it’s only a couple of square meters. They will have to pay about 5 thousand monthly. Also consider the cost of filling the fish with helium. Business can be easily handled alone. So with minimal investment, you can implement a profitable business that will bring 2 – 3 thousand rubles a day. The business pays off in the first week and is able to bring about 50 thousand rubles a month.

17. Studio of creative development

Investments:  from 300 thousand rubles

Parents are paying more and more attention to the early development of creativity in their children. So the children’s creative studio is a business with good prospects. But the idea is not suitable for everyone, since its implementation will require from 300 to 600 thousand rubles – it all depends on what scale you choose for the business. The amount will be spent on the purchase of furniture and equipment, preparation of premises for a creative studio, advertising and paperwork.

It is better to register as an individual entrepreneur and select category 88.91 (child care) or 90.04.3 for club-type institutions as the OKVED code. This will help to avoid obtaining a license, which is required for the category of additional education.

In parallel with the paperwork, you need to start preparing the premises. Typically, creative development studios open in residential areas to make it easier for clients to get there. Ideal location – next to a kindergarten, school or in a shopping and entertainment center . The standard requirements for places where children will be are imposed on the room. All the necessary standards can be read in SanPin and fire safety rules.

For the work of a small studio, 100 – 120 square meters will be enough. m., the rent of which will cost an average of 100 thousand rubles. Personnel costs will add another 100 thousand rubles to the expense item. The creative studio will need to hire teachers – the staff depends on the number of groups and programs. If you plan to stay in the studio for a long time, you will need a health worker. The entrepreneur himself can act as an administrator.

All that remains in the end is about 80 thousand rubles of net profit. With such indicators, the initial investment will pay off within 1 – 1.5 years. To speed up the payback process, you need to conduct active advertising: post ads on social networks and on city portals, distribute leaflets, participate in mass city events, organize “trial lesson for free” promotions, etc.

For those who cannot decide on the idea of ​​their business, we recommend transformational psychological games from the company “1000 Ideas”: 

  • “I want this, I don’t know what” – in this transformational psychological game, there is a search for a direction of activity and the elimination of a person’s uncertainty in determining his future, as well as setting life priorities, and  
  • “Startup”   in this game, in the format of a desktop brainstorming, the technique of entrepreneurial thinking and creating a business idea from scratch, as well as bringing it to the market, is being worked out 

Many game participants not only find answers to their requests, but, having tried the effect on themselves, they decide to help other people, while earning good money. Many people like that you can play with clients online as well. You can find out how to open a business on holding psychological games here . 

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