Student business: 15 business ideas

Many people wonder how a student can start his own business. In this article, we have collected 15 ideas for future entrepreneurs who are still educated and looking for profitable destinations with minimal investment.

Statistics say that more than 50% of students earn extra money. And the motivation is not always the lack of money for education or housing. Very often, students combine work with study, because they want to gain practical experience in their future profession or additional skills. But there are a lot of those who are already thinking about opening their own business in the self-employment format and not only.

Student work is usually associated with posting ads, promotional activities, or writing term papers. But entrepreneurial individuals may well open their own business while still students. There are many ideas for small business, and everyone can find one that will appeal to him and bring profit.

An important role in the beginning of entrepreneurial activity is played by start-up capital. For many students, this point becomes a stumbling block: there is enthusiasm, there is an idea, but there is no money. What to do in this case? Look for an idea that will allow you to earn “from scratch”.

There are many ways to start a business today. The main desire and aspiration. Statistics show that only 5% of young enthusiasts actually open a profitable business. Why such disappointing figures? It’s just that of all the dreamers, only 5% make an effort to realize their plans.

1. Creation and promotion of sites

Investments: from 0 thousand rubles

If you know programming languages ​​and the principles of working in visual editors, then you can start making money on creating websites and blogs, as well as promoting them. It is easy to open such a business – but it is much more difficult to succeed in it. The market is full of such offers, so you have to fight for your client. Place ads, reduce the price, offer favorable conditions and additional services. You can start with the simplest orders by acquaintance. Often, people who need simple business card sites tend to save money. Start small, gain practice, accumulate a client base, develop a portfolio and gradually develop your business. After a few months of practice, you can do more time-consuming work – creating and maintaining a site, etc.

2. Printing on balloons and bags

Investments: 30 thousand rubles

This is an ideal option for a student, as the business is easy to organize and requires minimal investment. The essence of the idea: buy a special machine that transfers the image to balloons or a similar surface (for example, plastic bags and packaging). There are two ways to implement the idea: using a half-station or an automated line. It is clear that the second option simplifies the work process, but significantly increases costs. The easiest way is to buy a station, which will cost 30 thousand rubles.

Whom to sell products to? Mainly corporate clients: from advertising agencies to shopping centers. How to look for clients? Place ads on websites, independently offer cooperation to advertising agencies or print studios. Despite this simplicity of business, this is a fairly popular type of service.

3. Computer repair and software setup

Investments: from 0 rubles

Another way to make money for those who are tech savvy. The scheme of work is simple: distribute ads about your services and wait for the client to call you. Looking for other ways to promote your services is hard enough. But how to get an order if there are many such ads? Publish ads on social networks, distribute information among fellow students, launch a simple business card site on the Internet that will advertise your services. Set prices lower than your competitors. At first, work on building a client base. If you establish yourself as a good specialist, then you definitely won’t be left without a job.

4. Tutoring and text translation services

Investments: 0 rubles

Students who are in their senior years can try their hand at tutoring. You can teach specialized subjects. If you are a future teacher, then one of the options for earning money is preparing a student for school or exams, helping with homework, and so on. You can organize programming or English courses for the little ones.

Students of philological and translation specialties can earn both on tutoring and on the provision of copywriting, translation, content management services. Such a business does not require special costs. It is enough to place an offer of your services on the classifieds site – and wait for customers to call. The advantage of such an idea is that you get not only earnings, but also professional experience, a portfolio, and work for a reputation.

5. Inflatable trampolines

Investments: 200 thousand rubles

Business on inflatable attractions is a great option for student earnings and is popular in the summer, during the holidays. It is simple to organize it: buy a trampoline, register an individual entrepreneur, and start earning. The main success factor is the advantageous location. It is best to place a trampoline in city parks, on the territory of entertainment complexes, embankments, etc.

Another difficulty is buying the trampoline itself. Experienced entrepreneurs advise choosing Russian-made equipment. It makes no sense to save on Chinese ones, because they quickly fail. It is better to buy a smaller trampoline, but stronger and better. The cost of a trampoline depends on its volume and complexity. For example, a regular slide will cost less than an inflatable maze. The average price of a trampoline is 170 thousand rubles. This money will pay off in the second month of work.

6. Repair work

Investments: from 3 thousand rubles

Repair work today is a highly paid and sought-after type of service. Therefore, if you have knowledge in the construction industry and have the appropriate skills, you can make money on it. Investments will be required minimal – to purchase equipment and tools for work.

Many people do repairs and are looking for quality craftsmen. Place an ad on sites like “Avito”, post ads next to entrances or in elevators. Another advertising option is to distribute leaflets or business cards near the construction hypermarket. Over time, you can put together a construction team and take on more serious and large-scale orders. The direction is promising and profitable.

7. Promotion of Internet projects

Investments: from 0 rubles

Today, many have their own project on the Internet. For monetization, you need to promote the project and expand the audience. Therefore, entrepreneurs have appeared who are engaged in the promotion of Internet products. Among them are many dubious individuals who use primitive methods that do not inspire confidence in people. However, professionals who really understand the topic and own various promotion tools are worth their weight in gold.

If you are interested in working in this direction, you can place an ad and offer cooperation. Don’t chase big money all at once. For the first orders, take the minimum to gain experience and replenish the treasury of your work. If you create a good reputation, then over time, customers will contact you and pay good money. The potential for this area is huge.

8. Vending

Investments: from 50 thousand rubles

Vending is a suitable option for those who want to get maximum profit with minimum effort. It is quite simple to organize such a business, the starting capital is only 100 thousand rubles. For students, it is also good because it takes very little time. Business scheme: install the device with a certain product and check it a couple of times a week.

The Russian market recognized vending by coffee machines. But today the direction is developing so actively that a vending machine can sell anything. The most popular products are coffee, snacks and drinks. Here the competition is high. But you can implement any other idea than not only solve the issue of competition, but also attract additional attention.

What can be sold in vending machines? Bijouterie, lenses, phone accessories, various household trifles. There are vending machines that cook pizza, hot dogs, french fries. Vending machines that print photos from social networks, shine shoes, sell flowers.

Lots of options. It all depends on the capital that the entrepreneur has. The cost of the devices can be different: for example, a shoe shine machine will cost about 40 thousand rubles, a coffee machine – 150 thousand rubles, and a pizza machine – at least 300 thousand rubles.

Many models of vending equipment are controlled through a mobile application. So you can always keep an eye on how your business is progressing.

9. Purchase and delivery of products

Investments: from 0 rubles

To implement this idea, you will need a personal car. We immediately warn you that this business is suitable only for large cities. Its essence is simple: you buy certain products and deliver them to the customer’s home. Such services will be in demand among young mothers who do not have the opportunity to go to the store, or among the elderly. Many people work late and don’t want to spend time shopping, while others don’t like the process of shopping at all.  

You can buy products and make a small markup on them or set a single shipping fee. The delivery rate can be set based on the distance of the store and the number of products.

A little trick: use special applications that reflect all promotions for goods and products in city stores. So you save on the purchase and earn more on the difference in price.

10. Copy center

Investments: 70-200 thousand rubles

A great idea for beginners is to open a copy center. All you need is minimal investment and the ability to use office equipment. An easy way to start a business that will not cause much trouble in the future. To get started, you need to purchase 2-3 devices and find a crowded place where you can sit. But if the budget is limited, you can start with one copier and gradually buy equipment using income from activities.

Today, copy centers can be found on almost every corner – however, in the most popular places near universities, whole queues line up. And someone needs a duplicate document urgently. Therefore, any copy center that has taken a good place will find its client.

Moreover, the main customers are students. You can distribute advertising among classmates and use the services of the center yourself. And in the future, this mini-business can be transformed into a more serious business. For example, you can purchase equipment and provide large-format, souvenir and other printing services. You can read more about opening a copy center in this business guide. 

11. Courier service

Investments:from 10 thousand rubles

Another idea for students with their own transport. Note, not necessarily by car – today delivery by bicycles or scooters is developed. The idea is attractive because it requires a minimum investment and guarantees good earnings. With the growth of online commerce, delivery services are more relevant than ever. As a rule, courier services develop quickly and pay off in a few months. That is why opening a courier service is a profitable and most important promising solution for any entrepreneur. Business profitability can reach 90%.

At the initial stage, it is better to focus on work within the same city. You can deliver letters, documents, and small and bulky cargo (it all depends on the capacity of your transport). For a good start, you will need to find 2-3 large clients with whom you will cooperate on an ongoing basis. Qualitatively fulfilling such orders, you can count on a stable profit and invest it in further development.

Where to look for clients? On the Internet, you can easily find a lot of ads from companies that are looking for an employee with personal transport. Another option is special services (Dostavista and YouDo) that connect the courier and the customer.

Another advantage of a business that a student will appreciate is a flexible work schedule. You can determine the hours when you can deliver. An important requirement for the courier is punctuality and responsibility. If you don’t deliver your order on time or damage the shipment for any reason, then problems may arise. However, no business is without risk. You can learn more about opening your own courier service here.

12. Stickershop

Investments: 70 thousand rubles

Sticker shop is a store of vinyl stickers, stickers, and other accessories popular with young people and teenagers. Stickers are glued to phones, laptops, cars, notepads, and even clothes. The product is inexpensive but bright – so it is impossible to resist it. The margin on such goods is quite high, which provides good earnings.

To open a retail outlet, you will need about 70 thousand rubles. And if you want to save money, you can sell stickers on the Internet. The target audience lives there. The concept of a sticker shop involves the creation of an original business that will bring not only profit but also pleasure from the process. You can read more about opening a sticker shop here.

13. Mini desktop business

Investments:  55 thousand rubles 

In your spare time from studying, you can earn money by holding transformational board games. Unlike ordinary games, the purpose of t-games is not only entertainment, but also practice. Various topics are raised in the games – self-development, self-knowledge, the search for a business idea, family and team relationships, and much more. The host also acts as a moderator of the meeting, explaining the rules to the participants and monitoring their implementation. You can hold meetings at home, in anti-cafes and co-working spaces, or not spend money at all and start playing games online. You can read more about this type of business here. 

14. Delivery of balloons

Investments: from 20 thousand rubles

Balloons are used as decoration or addition to a gift. Helium balloons are especially popular now. So the business of selling and delivering balloons can be a successful undertaking. Despite its simplicity, the idea is quite profitable. You can earn about 30 thousand rubles a month. And during the holidays – February 14, March 8, graduation – the revenue doubles. And if you also do aero design, you can earn much more.

To implement this idea, it is desirable to have personal transport. Then you do not have to spend money on renting a retail outlet, but it will be enough to buy a helium cylinder and the balloons themselves. All this can be stored at home without any problems, and the business can be promoted through social networks. networks.

15. Renting things

Investments: from 0 rubles

One of the easiest ways to make money is to rent out anything. This usually applies to expensive property such as apartments, garages, cars. However, in addition to expensive valuables, you can rent:

  • evening dresses, masquerade costumes;
  • game consoles and board games;
  • books and textbooks;
  • accessories for photo shoots;
  • bicycles, mopeds, scooters;
  • equipment for organizing events;
  • furniture;
  • Jewelry;
  • household appliances;
  • various tools (metal detector, puncher, lawn mower, etc.).

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