Talkative business: 11 ways to make money on communication

The ability to communicate is important in almost any business. After all, it is simply impossible to work without interaction with other people – colleagues, partners, customers. But there are such activities where the sociability of an entrepreneur determines the success of the whole business. In this article, we have put together 11 business ideas that will best reveal the talents of sociable people.

Consider ideas on how to create a business with minimal investment based only on your own talents and sociability. If you love to work with people and communicate, then use your potential to the maximum!

Holding or organizing events

Investments: from 10 thousand rubles

In recent years, the entertainment industry has been developing by leaps and bounds. There is a growing demand for the services of organizers and hosts of various events. Weddings, anniversaries, children’s parties, corporate parties, event marketing, presentations – all this is the area of ​​activity of the organizer and presenter. Of course, the “holiday person” must be able to communicate – with customers, with the audience of the event, with suppliers. Personal charm, charisma, presentable appearance will also come in handy in the work.

Business is suitable not just for sociable people, but for creative people who like to be in the spotlight. To start, you need a minimum of capital. First of all, you should take care of finding customers. The income from these services can be decent, it all depends on the level of your skill and demand.

Recruitment services

Investments: from 0 rubles

The domestic labor market is becoming more mature, and therefore the demand for recruitment services is growing. Today, almost all companies that are looking for employees turn to recruitment agencies. Recruiters act as intermediaries between employers and applicants, providing the first with the selection of a candidate according to the stated requirements, and the second with a job.

To engage in this activity, you need to be not just sociable, but be able to identify their strengths and talents in people, to distinguish between the human qualities of candidates and employees, and also to have sales skills. To work effectively, an agency must have a large client base and connections. Then, having received an order, the recruiter will be able to quickly provide the employer with several options at once. If the waiting time is delayed, then the client will go to a competitor.

As practice shows, the most difficult stage in the work of a recruitment agency is the promotion of services on the market. Reaching out to a client is really hard. The usual direct advertising for business does not work here, so the entrepreneur has to spend a lot of effort on finding customers. The advantage of this business is that it can be launched with a minimal budget and alone. At first, all you need is a phone with internet access. In a more serious version, the features of opening a recruitment agency are described in this article . 

Webinars, online learning, master classes and trainings

Investments: from 0 rubles

In recent years, society has been covered by a fashionable wave of trainings, webinars and other educational events. The topic of personal growth and development continues to gain momentum, and the value of “investing in yourself” is talked about at every corner. For those who have some knowledge and skills, there is a great opportunity to make money on it. You can develop your own master class, training or launch an online course. There are many formats based on the interaction between the coach and the audience.

Separately, it is worth highlighting road presentations and master classes that involve speaking to the audience and live communication. Such events are perceived by the audience not just as an opportunity to gain new knowledge, but also as a kind of entertainment, a way to spend interesting and useful time. On this basis, you can start a real business from scratch, because all that is needed for work is an intellectual, author’s product developed by you. You must not only come up with interesting speeches, but also be able to present them to the audience.

Tourist agency

Investments: from 30 thousand rubles

In recent years, people have become more active in traveling, which means that tourism services continue to be in demand. This area is highly competitive, but the market is so diverse that you can occupy a free niche and work successfully in it. To engage in this activity, it is desirable to have an appropriate education. However, practical experience is much more important. It is necessary to understand the intricacies of tourism and be able to organize travel. 

In addition, you will have to communicate a lot: with clients, guides, landlords, transport companies and other professionals involved in the tourism industry. You must find an individual approach to each client, clearly understand his preferences and perform the assigned tasks. The work is not easy, but very exciting and profitable. At the beginning of work, you can provide services online: advise clients, arrange trips, etc. But in the future, for your own reputation, it is better to rent a small office and receive clients there. More information about opening a travel agency can be found here .

School of early child development

Investments: from 150 thousand rubles

An idea for those who like to communicate with children. Even in a small town, an early childhood development school will be in demand. There is one caveat in this business: if you plan to carry out educational activities, you will need a license, which is issued by the local education department. But usually such “early schools” position themselves as organizers of children’s leisure and conduct developmental classes. And this does not require licensing.

The implementation of the idea is complicated by the fact that it will not work to save money. The organization of space for children will cost a round sum – from 150 to 500 thousand rubles. It all depends on the scale of the activity that is planned. The amount will be spent on the purchase of furniture and equipment, preparation of premises, advertising and paperwork.

Another nuance – if you carry the name “school”, then you will not be able to cope alone. Teachers will have to be recruited. But all these difficulties pay off with high income. The specifics of the “children’s business” is such that parents often do not spare money and do not save on their child. Therefore, they will be ready to make a decent payment if the service is worth it. Your main task will be to provide such services.

Technical support service, provision of consulting services

Investments: from 0 rubles

If you are good with computers, you can start your own technical support and repair service. All you need is a phone to do this. The essence of the idea is simple – you provide consulting services by phone and solve technical issues remotely. Such a scheme can be used not only with computer users, but also, for example, with motorists who need help on the road. The same scheme is used by lawyers, psychologists, marketers and other professionals who can provide advice over the phone.

Intermediary services

Investments: from 0 rubles

People are surrounded by so much information that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to find what you need. In such conditions, the popularity of intermediary services is growing. The ability to bring supplier and buyer together brings good income to intermediaries.

Starting a mediation business is quite simple. Investments will be minimal: you will spend more time than money. To start, it is necessary to determine the scope of activity and streamline communications.

Here are a few ideas where mediation services will be in demand:

  • Construction services. Search for construction teams and craftsmen to perform construction and repair work;
  • Real estate services. Selling or renting real estate is a profitable business in which intermediaries are actively working;
  • Recruitment agency (nannies, tutors, etc.). Recently, this type of intermediary services has been in great demand;
  • cleaning company . You accept an order for cleaning and look for performers;
  • Organization of events. You are looking for suppliers of various event services and offer their services to customers.

As you can see, there are many options. The main thing is to clearly define what is the value of your work. Think over the service: a quick search for performers, a convenient order form, organizational work, etc.

Not everyone can succeed in this business. To turn an idea into a profitable business, you will need to process a large number of orders. And only a sociable person with an entrepreneurial streak can find such a volume of work. It is not enough to be able to talk with customers, it is also important to build relationships, master sales skills, quickly solve problems, and be well versed in your industry. And yet, the two main skills of a good mediator are the ability to quickly find relevant and valuable information, as well as the ability to negotiate and resolve all issues that arise in the process.

Conducting table transformation games

Investments:  69,000 rubles.

Organizational talents and the ability to communicate are welcome in the business of organizing tabletop transformational games. Transformational games have a practical bias from ordinary desktop games: games can be devoted to family issues, money, relationship problems, finding your own business, and self-development. The people involved in their implementation are called game practitioners. Game practitioners can earn both on one-time events and on game courses. Clients of game practitioners can be residents of large cities who love non-standard types of leisure and want to solve some of their problems and corporate clients. 

The main investment for starting such a business will be required training. To start, you need to learn how to conduct at least 5-6 games. It is not necessary to have your own premises for such a business: games are held either on the territory of the customer, or hourly office rentals are taken, halls are rented in anti-cafes, co-workings, and other public spaces. The easiest and cheapest way to organize such a business is online. You can learn more about this business here. 

Real estate services

Investments: from 0 rubles  

Real estate services is one of the types of mediation, which is especially popular in the domestic market. Many people are attracted to the real estate industry, because it is possible to earn a lot of money in it. At first glance, it seems that the work is quite simple: it is enough to bring the buyer to the seller, check all the documents and you can get your commission. However, not all so simple.

The most important skill of a good realtor is to negotiate competently. He needs to understand the needs of his client and interest him; somewhere to advise, somewhere to put pressure. In addition, a real estate agent must be able to organize and conduct transactions.

You should start your business with the provision of private real estate services. Before you rush to find clients, study the regulatory framework governing the activities of real estate agents. The main difficulties of the work are connected with legal nuances. Therefore, try to immediately establish cooperation with a lawyer or notary who will control the legal part of the transaction. When the preparatory stage is completed, you can proceed to active actions. To work as a private realtor, it is enough to have a desire, a telephone and Internet access to search for ads.

Direct sales

Investments: from 0 rubles

No matter how skeptical they are about direct sales, they are still alive and successfully existing in the market. Direct selling is a simple business idea that is suitable for those who are taking their first steps in entrepreneurship. If desired, you can build a full-fledged and profitable business on direct sales. To get started, you do not need to rent an office or make large investments. The main element of direct sales is the entrepreneur himself. The success of the business depends only on his personal qualities.

Most of the large direct selling companies sell cosmetic products. To start your own business, choose your favorite direct selling company and its products. Then you will need to purchase a distributor kit: it can be issued free of charge or cost up to 15 thousand rubles. Each company has different terms of cooperation. Therefore, we advise you to study in detail the different options in order to choose the best one. In direct sales, the key is your ability to get people interested and your desire to succeed. The rest will come in the process.  


Investments: from 0 rubles

Blogging is a very young industry, but thanks to active development, it has already become a profitable business. This format is great for sociable, creative people who love attention. 

Your earnings will consist of advertising revenues, and cooperation with various companies, and in the case of earnings from Youtube, monetization for video views is still possible. But to get a decent profit, you need an impressive audience. At least 20 thousand subscribers. To recruit them, you will have to invest in promotion and content creation. The success of the project will be built solely on your personality, which generates unique content. There are many who want to make money on blogs – but not everyone succeeds.

For those who cannot decide on the idea of ​​their business, we recommend transformational psychological games from the company “1000 Ideas”: 

  • “I want this, I don’t know what” – in this transformational psychological game, there is a search for a direction of activity and the elimination of a person’s uncertainty in determining his future, as well as setting life priorities, and  
  • “Startup”   in this game, in the format of a desktop brainstorming, the technique of entrepreneurial thinking and creating a business idea from scratch, as well as bringing it to the market, is being worked out 

Many game participants not only find answers to their requests, but, having tried the effect on themselves, they decide to help other people, while earning good money. Many people like that you can play with clients online as well. You can find out how to open a business on holding psychological games here . 

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