Wedding Planner: 20 Wedding Business Ideas in 2022

The wedding industry is a goldmine of domestic business. Here they earn a lot and in different directions. Each entrepreneur will find an idea to their liking and on a budget.

A wedding is not only a wonderful holiday, but also a profitable business idea. The wedding industry is developing by leaps and bounds. Every year the turnover of the wedding market grows by 3-5%.

A wedding is a holiday for which many do not spare money. People strive to make an important day in their lives perfect and memorable – hence the demand for various wedding products and services (and not the cheapest). The margin on wedding goods is 300-500%, and on services you can earn 20-50 thousand rubles for one event. The label “wedding” automatically makes the product more expensive. So even with minimal orders, the wedding business can become profitable.

Today, many directions are successfully working in this direction. Indeed, in addition to standard wedding salons, there are creative and new business ideas in which competition is minimal. However, it is worth remembering the two main disadvantages of the wedding business: high competition and seasonality. The result is a limited number of orders. Therefore, in order to succeed in this business, it is important to assess the competition in the niche and the prospects for the product or service.

Wedding organization

Investments: from 20 thousand rubles.

Let’s start with the classics. The service of organizing weddings is not new, but is still in demand. The scale of the business and start-up capital may be different. It all depends on your capabilities and plans. A wedding agency can be organized by one person and at minimal cost. In this format, the entrepreneur is a manager and organizer in one person. Clients and contractors can be found via the Internet, and meetings with clients can be held in a cafe. The downside is that working alone, without an office, it is much more difficult to win customer loyalty. And you won’t be able to take a lot of orders if you do everything yourself. But in this format, you can work for the first time in order to gain experience and collect a portfolio of completed projects.

In the future, it is worth considering opening a full-fledged wedding agency: with an office and staff. The initial investment will be about 300 thousand rubles. This amount will be enough to rent an office in the city center, equip it with appliances and furniture, advertise your services, and form a wage fund for the first month. It will take much longer to pay off the initial investment, but this will allow you to take on several projects at once and not lose a client.

The meaning of the work of a wedding agency is the complete organization of the celebration. Development of the concept, search for contractors (leaders, photographers, florists and decorators, artists, etc.), coordination of their work at the preparatory stage and on the day of the event itself. The activity is very interesting, but it requires a creative approach, responsibility and organizational skills.

The amount of profit can also be different. It all depends on the budgets of the implemented projects and their number. Revenue for one project can be 30-150 thousand rubles. Working alone, you can organize 2, maximum 3 projects per month. Hence the average income of 200 thousand rubles.

Where to look for clients? Many entrepreneurs in the wedding industry look for clients directly at the registry office. They offer their services to couples who come to apply. You can prepare booklets, business cards in advance and distribute them to potential customers. Another option is to find partners. For example, to agree on cooperation with the owner of a wedding salon and hold a promotion, giving each buyer a discount coupon for the services of the organizer. You can also register as a contractor on wedding forums like Connect social networks: start a blog, write not only about your services, but also share useful tips for readers. Hold a competition for a free wedding organization to attract attention and replenish your portfolio with a project. Such a competition at the very beginning of work will be especially relevant.

It is best to start a business in April in order to be fully prepared for the wedding season. The season starts in June, so you need to leave yourself a couple of months to build up. As a rule, newlyweds contact the organizers in advance, at least 2 months before the wedding. In the first month of work, it is advisable to start the project, advertise, organize your work. In the second month, concentrate all your efforts on finding or (if you’re lucky) realizing the first orders.

Wedding printing

Investments: from 5 thousand rubles

A wedding starts with an invitation. Many people pay special attention to wedding printing, because invitations are not just a formality, but an opportunity to surprise guests. Therefore, you can open a business for the development and production of wedding printing. If you are a needlewoman and are looking for a creative idea for making money, then here is one of the interesting options.

Your first task is to choose the direction in which you will work. For example, if you are painting with watercolors, you can make airy, watercolor designs your theme. If you are doing scrapbooking, focus on unusual design. Offer eco-invitations on wooden saw cuts or other original solutions. People will buy ordinary invitation cards in the store, so the emphasis should be on individual design.

After you decide on the concept, you should purchase the necessary equipment. Here everything is also quite individual. Someone will need a scanner to transfer drawings to digital format, and someone will buy a printing press. The budget can be different: from 0 to 300 thousand rubles.

Another important nuance is to create a portfolio of your work. Therefore, you will have to spend money on creating several samples in order to advertise your services. The client search scheme is the same as in the case of a wedding agency. Optional: You can set up your shop on various sites for needlewomen, such as or Crafts Fair.

The business scheme looks like this: you receive an order, discuss all the nuances with the client, create a layout, agree on it, and then prepare the final version. We advise you to make initial layouts in specialized computer programs in order to save on materials. By the way, from such layouts you can make a catalog.

If you’re considering whether to print invitations or make them by hand, consider your options. Keep in mind that a large number of cards are ordered for a wedding, so handmade will take a long time to complete. Of course, such invitations will be more expensive, but the number of orders will be limited. If you make postcards using a printing house, then this simplifies the work. Printing one postcard in a printing house will cost about 10 rubles. Additional costs are materials for registration. And the final price for 1 invitation is 150-300 rubles. That is, an order for the production of 50 wedding invitations will bring the entrepreneur about 10,000 rubles.

Location for photo shoots

Investments: from 200 thousand rubles

Wedding photography is one of the most popular services in this industry. Newlyweds want to get beautiful pictures and diversify them. Photos on the background of the monuments have been out of date for about twenty years. Now there are various locations for a photo shoot. If you create a creative location in your city, you can earn money by organizing wedding photo shoots. This can be an interior location in a photo studio or a decorated area in an open area.

The budget of the project may be different, it all depends on the scale. Making a location in a photo studio will cost about 200 thousand rubles – this cost will include the services of a decorator, props and rent.

Given that the cost of a photo session in a location costs about 5 thousand rubles, then in a season you can not only recoup your investment, but also make good money. The average monthly revenue of a photo studio is 200 thousand rubles. This means that in just a few months you can recoup your initial investment. By the way, not only newlyweds can become your clients. Therefore, even in the wedding off-season, you will be provided with orders.

Success will depend on your imagination and the quality of implementation.

Leasing equipment for organizing weddings

Investments: from 7 thousand rubles

At wedding celebrations, various techniques are often used. For example, special lighting, musical equipment, smoke machines, artificial snow generators and even chocolate fountains. The owners of all this can earn money by renting equipment.

Setting up such a business is quite simple. All you need is to purchase the appropriate equipment and find a way to receive orders. You can place an ad on Avito, thematic forums or agree on cooperation with other representatives of the wedding industry.

You will have to spend on this from 7 thousand rubles (about the cost of a device for a chocolate fountain) to 100 thousand rubles (this is the average cost of musical equipment). The initial investment can pay off in 3-4 orders.

This also includes the rental of wedding cars. Of course, this idea will require an impressive start-up capital, and the payback period will be about 1-1.5 years.

The rental format of the business is good because it is quite simple to organize and is suitable for those who want to receive additional income.

Photo vending

Investments: from 210 thousand rubles.

For the past few years, photos taken by the type of Polaroid have been relevant. Only in this case, photo booths are used – special booths that are equipped with a high-precision camera and a powerful computer with special software. The cost of such equipment will cost about 200 thousand rubles.

Add to this a variety of fun props such as glasses, wigs, hats and masks. This will be your working arsenal. With all this goodness, you come to the place and please the guests with funny photos.

The advantage of this idea is that you can implement it alone. And a bonus is a simple principle of operation and a quick payback period. An hourly rental of a photo booth costs about 15,000 rubles. This means that you will be able to recoup the initial investment within 3-4 months. More information about this type of business is in this article .


Investments: 400-500 thousand rubles

A more advanced version of photo booths is flipbooks. This is a new direction for the domestic entertainment industry. Flipbook is a 72 color photographs collected in a small book. When flipping, the photos turn into an animated video.

Newlyweds use them as wedding invitations or gifts to guests, setting up equipment at the celebration itself.

The main advantages of such an idea is a free niche and, as a result, the absence of competitors. Another plus is a quick payback. The rental of such equipment is about 50 thousand rubles per event. This means that you need only 8-10 orders to pay back the initial investment. This volume can be completed in 2-3 months of active work.

Entertainment direction: wedding shows

Investments: from 0 rub.

Very often, various artists are invited to the wedding banquet for the entertainment program. Now the industry offers a huge number of options. You can go beyond that and come up with something unique. Then the chance to stand out in the market and get more orders. After all, entertainment quickly gets bored, the audience needs to be surprised. New items always attract attention.

By the way, you don’t have to be one of the artists. You can simply act as an organizer: negotiate, conclude contracts, coordinate the work of artists, etc. What entertainment shows are popular right now? Music groups, magicians, mimes, bartender shows, fire shows, dancers, sand animation, paper show and more. One such performance can cost from 15 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the format.


Investments: from 50 thousand rubles

In Russian, “catering” can be called an offsite banquet. Now in the wedding fashion celebrations in open areas. In this case, it is required to organize an exit banquet.

The work of a catering company can be based on two models:

  • Private kitchen with chef
  • Mediation between restaurants and customers

The first model is more expensive, since you will need to equip the culinary workshop and ensure compliance with all SES standards. The second option is more suitable for starting a business with little investment. To start a catering business according to the second option, you will need to invest about 100 thousand rubles.

Services may vary. You can organize events on a turnkey basis or deal only with the menu. By the way, the chocolate fountain and the candy bar are also catering. Another option is a visiting cocktail bar, where original alcoholic drinks are prepared. For these ideas, you will need a minimum capital.

Wedding rings

Investments: from 50 thousand rubles

Most couples approach the choice of wedding rings with responsibility. For them, this is an important symbol of marriage, which should be special. So the service “handmade wedding rings” will find its client. And here we are talking not only about jewelry work, but also about service. For example, you can engrave your customers with wedding rings or engrave the fingerprints of lovers on a piece of jewelry. An excellent example of the “goods + service” formula is demonstrated by a workshop that offers a couple to take a jewelry master class and make their own wedding rings.

To come up with an original idea, study the experience of foreign entrepreneurs. Much comes to us from foreign markets. Conduct a survey among those who pick up engagement rings. This way you can identify what is missing in the market. This is where new successful projects begin.

Wedding host, photographer, videographer, decorator

Investments: from 10 thousand rubles

Conducting and designing a wedding evening, photo and video are the most demanded services in organizing a celebration. We combined them into one paragraph, since the essence of the ideas is similar: if you have certain abilities and skills, you can make money on this in the wedding industry. To find clients, you need to advertise your services on social networks, on thematic forums. Be sure to have a portfolio, preferably with customer reviews. In this area, clients base their choice on examples of work and reviews.

To start such a business, you will need to purchase equipment – its cost may be different. And if 10,000 rubles is enough for a wedding presenter to buy a stage costume and cover other minor expenses, then a photographer or videographer must acquire expensive equipment. The income from these services can be decent, it all depends on the level of your skill and demand.

wedding mobile app

Investments: from 100 thousand rubles

Anyone who has experienced wedding preparation knows how difficult and painstaking it is. A lot of problems need to be solved in a short time.

You can those who will greatly facilitate the life of the newlyweds. Idea: to develop a mobile application for those who are preparing for the wedding. Create a convenient mobile interface where you can choose venues for celebrations, decor and floristry companies, pastry shops, wedding salons, artists and entertainment shows, photographers and videographers, presenters, locations for wedding photo shoots, etc. Let this application become a single platform where newlyweds can find reliable specialists in any direction of the wedding industry. Add to this a system of reviews and ratings, as well as an organizer for notes and budgeting.

You can earn on this by making the application paid, or by adding paid content to the service itself. Another income option is advertising in your application. It is difficult to estimate the possible income in this case. The idea is not simple, but if you manage to implement it at a decent level, then the project will be profitable.

wedding planners

Investments: from 10 thousand rubles

There is a simpler and cheaper “wedding assistant” format. These are planner notebooks that are designed specifically for wedding preparation. To make it convenient for the bride to keep notes and a to-do list, you can offer a special notebook called a wedding planner. Templates can be made in Photoshop, conclude an agreement with a printing house and print such notebooks. And sell your products through social networks.

wedding blogger

Investments: from 0 rubles

Speaking of making money on social media. What do you think of the wedding blog idea? You can keep a useful blog, providing various information about the wedding and preparations for it. Your task is to collect, process and present information in an interesting way. This gives a huge scope for imagination.

You can make money on a blog by placing ads on your page. Surely, many experts from the wedding industry will use such an advertising platform to make themselves known. But in order for a blog to bring real income, you need to focus on the quality of the content.

wedding quest

Investments: 300-500 thousand rubles

A few years ago, quests broke into the entertainment industry. Today they went beyond the mystery rooms and took over the weddings. Quests at weddings are gaining popularity.

The idea is interesting, the competition in the niche is very low. But the original business requires the same approach to its implementation. First of all, you have to develop a script, and then a few more … Because that’s what you have to do. In fact, you will write a script for the newlyweds, use their personal belongings as props, adapt the script to the theme of the evening, and also prepare a site for the quest.

The script should be built on riddles and questions, one way or another related to the newlyweds. We can say that this is a modernized and improved version of fun jobs for the groom at the ransom. Only guests play here, and the tasks are much more inventive “name 10 compliments to the bride with the letter “O””.

To start a wedding quest business, you will need a small amount of start-up capital. The main resource in this case is the screenwriter’s fantasy. Whether you will work on your own or involve specialists – the budget of the project depends on this. You will also have to buy the necessary props, equipment. The cost of auxiliary equipment (musical accompaniment, interactive cabinets, services of mechanics and programmers for setting up the entire system, etc.) may vary. Again, it all depends on the scenario. You can focus on the amount of 300-500 thousand rubles. This is how much it will cost to open a wedding quest.

The cost of one game is from 20 to 60 thousand rubles. In summer, the price tag rises and can reach up to 100 thousand rubles. Even without financial calculations, it becomes clear that investments in such a business can pay off in a few orders. The main success factor is a good script and active promotion.

Handmade albums for wedding photos

Investments: from 5 thousand rubles

At weddings, you can earn money after they are held. One of these ways is the design of wedding albums. The idea is perfect for needlewomen who are engaged in scrapbooking. To implement it, you need a minimum initial investment in order to buy the necessary materials and equipment. You can post your work on social media, at the Crafts Fair, or in your showcase on The cost of a handmade album is on average 3,000 rubles. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the design and the number of pages.

Organization of eco-weddings

Investments: from 20 thousand rubles

Organizing an eco-wedding is a great way to make money, as this trend is now at its peak in European countries. Some statistics: traditional weddings leave behind 400-600 tons of garbage and waste every year. Therefore, the idea of ​​an eco-wedding is not only about decor, but about a philosophy of life.

The problem of ecology is close to many, so the organization of weddings in eco-style will be a popular service. The implementation of such an idea is a chance to occupy a free niche in the wedding industry, where there is fierce competition.

To build a business on eco-weddings, you will need to assemble a team of like-minded people who are adherents of eco-style. Such an idea should be embodied by caring people, then it will be possible to achieve success.

The business, in fact, is similar to the work of a wedding agency (go back to idea #1), but it has nuances. At the heart of this business is the concept of sustainability. Implementing appropriate weddings is more difficult. It will be necessary to find extraordinary solutions, to show maximum creativity. All wedding decor should be made only from natural materials. Also, an eco-wedding involves a special menu (dishes from environmentally friendly products), simplicity, the rejection of cars, fireworks and balloons, etc. In other words, a real eco-wedding denies most of the attributes of a traditional wedding: no limousines, fireworks, and even paper invitations. Despite the concept of simplicity and economy, you can make good money organizing eco-weddings.

Brides training

Investments: from 0 rubles

Training is a growing business area. Information is transmitted via Internet resources (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), or at a direct meeting between the trainer and the participants.

The idea is to organize a training for brides on a different topic:

  • how to cut wedding expenses;
  • how to properly prepare for a wedding;
  • how to make a gorgeous wedding on a budget.

Income will be formed from the fee for registering for an online training or for participating in a training in the “live communication” format. The cost of such trainings is 1000-3000 rubles. The advantage of this idea is that it requires minimal capital to implement it. The main resource is your knowledge and collected information, which will form the basis of the training.

By the way, it is absolutely not necessary to focus only on brides: you can cover those who just want to become them. As an example of a training game for finding an ideal partner, one can name the transformational game “Thumbelina” , which can be learned from the authors of the methodology.

Production of wedding accessories

Investments: from 5 thousand rubles

There are many accessories for a wedding, ranging from jewelry for the bride to curly hangers for a wedding dress. Choose the option that suits you, look for original solutions. We have already talked about ways to sell wedding products. Now it remains to discuss what accessories you can do with your own hands and put up for sale? It can be:

  • earrings, hairpins, combs, tiaras and other jewelry for brides;
  • ties and bow ties for the groom;
  • wooden products (hangers, plates for a photo shoot, monogram letters);
  • wedding paraphernalia (pillow for rings, bulls, glasses for newlyweds, etc.);
  • polygraphy (book of wishes, seating chart, etc.);
  • decor items ( macrame wedding arches , garlands, decorations for tables and chairs).

Food bar organization

Investments: from 50 thousand rubles

Recently, themed food bars have become popular in the entertainment industry. Classic wedding banquets fade into the background. Buffets are popular now. The bottom line is that there are different treats on the tables, guests can freely move from one table to another and choose dishes to their liking.

A distinctive feature of modern buffet tables is their thematic orientation: grilled dishes will be presented on one table, pastries on the other, and seafood on the third. Sometimes they make tables with dishes from different cuisines of the world. In such buffets, the emphasis is not on the number of dishes, but on their original presentation, variety. For entertainment at the receptions, they arrange master classes from the chef or invite culinary theaters that put on a real performance.

For Russia, this is a curiosity. There are few offers, but there will be many applicants. The business idea is to open a company that will organize food bars and not only offer a set of classic dishes, but also develop a menu, creating a gastronomic evening program. The service is not the cheapest – because it is original and new. This is no longer just a banal catering, but an original script for a wedding reception. However, the idea is also suitable for expanding an existing business.

Organization of chamber weddings

Investments: from 20 thousand rubles

Most trends in the wedding industry are aimed at a lavish celebration. But what about those who do not want to turn the wedding into a large-scale event? You can earn money on them too.

A wedding is not a cheap pleasure, and often newlyweds seek to save money. They prefer small, cozy holidays with their families. The focus is on scale, but on an unusual concept. Unusual locations are gaining popularity: a buffet on the river bank, a party on the roof or in the garden…

Therefore, a service for organizing chamber weddings will be a good business idea. Implementing such a project is often no easier than putting together a wedding for 100 people. Because in chamber weddings, the process of finding a location and decorating a space becomes more complicated. So the cost of services is quite high. But the newlyweds are ready to pay the organizer 50-60 thousand rubles in order to save many times more and hold the wedding of their dreams.

A variety of chamber weddings are trips abroad, when the newlyweds arrange a ceremony abroad, inviting only a narrow circle of guests. The services include the preparation of all documentation, hotel reservations, transfer assistance, finding the right location, cooperation with local organizers, etc.

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